Industry 4.0 and Consumers

This video is a simple concept piece, more like Saturday morning cartoons than like the info-packed Rexroth videos on the subject. But it contains a concept that Rexroth tends to miss.

The consumer

Most of the facilities we work with are all about building. Maybe they’re all about printing, too, or packaging. They’re not usually all about the end user. In fact, “all about” would make absolutely no sense there, because we’re not even thinking about end users at all most of the time when we talk about manufacturing, and certainly not when we talk about Industry 4.0.

But it’s often the consumers who are creating the market pressure that pushes us toward successful application of Industry 4.0 concepts.

Consumers want customization. They want their goods at a price point that forces manufacturers to work lean all along the supply chain. They demand ethical sourcing, including better working conditions for human workers in the factory.

These are the dreams of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Rexroth has already said that this new smart factory approach will require a change in thinking. Collaboration will have to become the new normal, not a source of fear. Systems thinking will be central to the experience.

And the demands of end users will have to be considered, too.

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