Industry 5.0?

The Industrial Revolution began with the steam engine in the 18th century and continued with factories in the 19th century.

The second industrial revolution spanned the 19th and early 20th centuries with rapidly progressing technology leading to true mass production powered by electricity.

The third industrial revolution, or the Digital Revolution, saw the rise of computer technology and 3D printing.

Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, describes the smart factory, powered by the Internet of Things and Big Data.

Not everyone has signed onto the fourth industrial revolution yet, but some are already talking about Industry 5.0.

The 5th Industrial Revolution?

Industry 5.0, visionaries say, will be about mass personalization though human-machine collaboration.

Industrial automation will continue to focus on the needs of humans, but AI and machine learning will allow industrial robots in Industry 5.0 to understand humans.Control Automation describes the new direction for cobots like this:

  • Is connected
  • Has strong artificial intelligence
  • Works out of cloud infrastructure
  • Has access to all information systems
  • Understands humans
  • Works collaboratively with humans
  • Performs mundane tasks
  • Has humans at the center

This nonthreatening version of Industry 5.0 could be a more pleasant alternative to the Robot Overlords scenario. Industry 5.0 could also include more wearables and implantables, continued remote work with routine administration being done by machines, greater use and acceptance of chat bots and service robots, and general blurring of the lines between the physical world and the virtual world.

New hardware?

You don’t necessarily need new hardware to participate in Industry 5.0. Many legacy Rexroth motion control devices are being retrofitted for Industry 4.0. Rexroth is in fact a major player in Industry 4.0.

If you’re not sure whether your hardware is ready for the next industrial revolution, we’ll be happy to help you determine where you need factory repair or reman, and where it might be time to upgrade.

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