The Influence of Pokemon Go on Industry


You know about Pokemon Go, even if you haven’t succumbed to the charms of the game. You know about it because you’ve seen flocks of players on street corners looking like seals sunning themselves on rocks while they stare at their phones. Or maybe your last walk with your kid involved multiple episodes of bumping into him as he suddenly stopped to catch an augmented reality creature invisible to you.

Obviously, this game of capturing Squirtles and Pikachus has nothing to do with industry.

John Hitch disagrees. In a recent article at New Equipment Digest, Hitch suggests that Pokemon Go could change attitudes about augmented reality. Not only has it brought AR into the daily lives of millions of Pokemon hunters and the people who see them play, but it has done so in a nonthreatening way, says Hitch.

New industrial technology in the form of collaborative robots and IIoT has been hard for people to relate to. For many, this technology has presaged robot overlords or at least the replacement of human workers with robots. This discomfort has, according to many observers, been part of the resistance to change we’ve seen in manufacturing.

After all, it’s hard to make a large investment in new technology, even when you know it’s going to make things better. If somewhere in your boss’s mind there’s a lingering feeling that the new technology will take over the world and enslave people, it’s just that much harder.

In the meantime, plenty of factories continue to work with old (or let’s say classic) technology, like the tried and true electric motion control created by Rexroth. If you work with these drives, controls, and servos, it may be time to consider maintenance. While most of the calls we get are emergency calls from guys whose factories have shut down while they figure out how to get their machinery running again, we can steer you right on your maintenance needs, too. Give us a call.

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