iPhone Limbs? Robotics to the Rescue!

Prosthetic arms and hands can’t do a whole lot of things real ones can. Tying your shoes or picking up small objects is completely impossible with most prosthetics. That might all change soon.

A new invention called the i-Limb allows users to do all kinds of tasks people with prosthetics once couldn’t (including throwing up a sign for their favorite sports team!). This video highlights a man who recently received new prosthetic arms that pair with his iPhone to do things other prosthetic arms just can’t.



Robotics are a constantly moving target, which is great for new innovations that make people’s lives better. Rexroth comes up with new innovations constantly to improve how your company can produce goods. But this also means that you might not be sure how to troubleshoot or fix your legacy Indramat and Rexroth equipment. Instead of floundering, let people who know it all take care of the problem!

We service any problem you might be having and have all the knowledge of Rexroth at our disposal since all of our repairs are through the factory. All of our repairs are performed by the people who know the most about Rexroth and Indramat equipment–the people who made them. No one knows Rexroth and Indramat equipment better than the people who design and produce the updates, so why go anywhere else?

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