Jobs at Risk from Robots: New Estimates

risk from robots

One of the persistent concerns about automation is that it will take away human jobs and we will all be unemployed. Or not all of us, but some of us. A lot of us, eve One of the biggest controversies in these conversations is just which jobs are most threatened, and which of us will be allowed to keep our jobs. A new analysis from the Daily Mail gives us a new list of the jobs most at risk from robots and those least at risk.

Manufacturing jobs, or at least those under the heading “process, plan, and machine operation,” are among the most threatened, at 70% or so. Skilled trades run the gamut, depending on the specific trade, from 25% to 65%.

The main data , from Britain’s Office of National Statistics, suggests that manufacturing is under threat. But hey, you can ask the chatbot yourself.

In every industry, including manufacturing, the more highly skilled a worker is, the lower the threat. Managers are less likely to be replaced by robots than administrative assistants, and engineers are more secure than unskilled line workers.

Outside manufacturing

Waitresses have a 72% chance of being replaced by robots. 80% of workers could lose their jobs to AI. Anything involving paperwork can be taken over by bots. If you believe the Daily Mail.

We are more inclined to agree with less extreme claims:

  • Parts of many human jobs can be automated, and humans will use AI and other automation as tools, just as we use calculators and power tools.
  • New technologies will lead to new jibs for human beings.
  • Automation will continue to be implemented for dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs.

We see an overall benefit.

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