Legacy Operating Systems and Indramat Manuals


If you found a floppy disc in your office that had vital information on it, or so you thought, would you be able to access it? Probably not. Very few people have computers that can access floppy disc information anymore and even CD-ROMS are being phased out with flash drives and cloud downloads of programs. It’s pretty unusual to meet with a legacy operating system nowadays. Unless your Indramat equipment goes down.

Almost all servo motors and drives used in the manufacturing industry were built long before your company’s younger engineers were born. Even your older engineers may not remember how to communicate with the operating system used by Indramat equipment.

You can run into legacy operating systems in plenty of companies. Offices across the nation use IE6, and there are some specialized systems out there working with DOS. New workers have a moment of horror when they find out they’re supposed to work with those dinosaurs, but they learn how and teach others, allowing survival of pockets of obsolescence.

The difference with automated systems is that they perk along on their own, so the humans don’t keep up. Many companies are not even aware that they’re dealing with “outdated” operating systems. They work perfectly well, so nobody even thinks about it.

If you’re using a Rexroth legacy motion control system, we recommend getting a manual. They’re useful tools to have when things go wrong and you’re unsure what to do. You can request a manual and keep it on file for when you need to work with a legacy operating system you’ve never seen before. After all, paper is a legacy operating system we’re all still familiar with.

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