Machinery in Space


If you move your Rexroth servos, you may find that have to do some reconfiguration to help them work well in a new temperature, altitude, or humidity environment. Just think if you had to move them into space.

A European group has been thinking about their machinery and how it will work in space, because it has to. The robots that go into space to harvest data face some special environmental needs. Lubricants evaporate, off-gas into areas where a camera lens or delicate sensor might be affected, and creep away, leaving moving parts to cold weld into immobility.

The European Space Tribology Laboratory is working on the problem. They’re coming up with nano-sized solid layers of lubrication, self-lubricating ball bearings, and temperature-resistant lubricants.

You can sign up now for their summer course.

Here on earth, lubrication can still be an issue. If you think your Rexroth legacy or current units need some support, call us immediately. We can help.

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