Made in a Free World Takes on Slave Labor

We may think of slavery as a historical problem, but there are actually many people today working without pay and without free choice. An organization called Made in a Free World has developed technology to help companies identify points along their supply chain where they may be unwittingly benefiting from slave labor.

Specialized software

FRDM‘s specialized software identifies the upstream partners and vendors used by companies and digs further to identify their subcontractors. Looking at the specific commodities and raw materials a company uses, as well as the specific suppliers who might be at a high risk, FRDM provides tools companies can use to make sure suppliers are not using slave labor.

FRDM also helps to inform companies and consumers alike about new or upcoming concerns. “FRDM supply chain software leverages machine learning to monitor thousands of vetted media sources, reports, court records, and research against each of your vendors” their website explains. “Receive alerts in your inbox and from your FRDM dashboard.”

Consumers can take a quiz about what they eat and own which gives them an estimate of their involvement with slave labor as consumers, and sign up for a newsletter “to stay informed about how you can buy better” from FRDM.

The company is using AI to predict risk and encourage supply chain transparency.

The mission

Made in. Free World is hoping that companies, once they’re informed about the desire of modern consumers to buy ethically sourced goods, will want to be inflamed about the potential problems in their supply chains. Then, they hope, the companies will be moved to sever ties with bad actors or perhaps to help their suppliers change their ways.

They figure consumers who become informed about the continuing problem of slave labor in the modern world will be moved to use the power of their pocketbooks to move manufacturers and brands to take action. Their end goal is to eradicate slavery.

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