Manuals Forever!

Another engineering blogger wrote this a while back: “Automation component suppliers should provide at least minimum support such as downloadable manuals… forever.” The writer points out that you can still buy legacy units on eBay (and here’s why you probably shouldn’t), not to mention the ones that are still running just fine in your factory, so you may still need a manual.

Okay, first things first. Here’s where you can find Rexroth manuals: tell us which Rexroth manual you want and we’ll send it right to you.

Now, to the philosophical question.

Manuals forever?

If you build something (like Rexroth drives and motors) that lasts for a very long time, it’s great. Your quality is unparalleled, and you can make a point of that when you sell stuff.

“This will probably outlast you,” you can have your salesman say with confidence.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to sell them your new things when you have them. You’d like to be able to say, “Oh, you have the old Rexroth 2AD motor! You know, we don’t sell parts for those… I doubt I even have a manual for that.”

Then, shaking their heads sadly, the salespeople sell them a whole new system.

The most profitable approach is probably to support your legacy components well enough to make that assurance a valid selling point. Rexroth motors, for example, can still get factory repairs (just call us at (479) 422-0390), but you can’t buy new parts — and neither can a third party repair shop. We keep a good inventory of units on the shelf for emergencies, but let’s face it — salespeople don’t get any commission on that.

Nor on manuals.

So yes, we will be happy to send you a manual and to help you with support by phone or in the field, but let’s be realistic about salespeople. Nobody promised you forever.

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