MDD Servomotors


MDD motors are designed for high feed rates that require precision work. Printing, textile, and packaging machines often use MDD servomotors.

Indramat’s MDD motors are commonly found in printing presses where the demands of high-speed printing are part of the routine. MDD motors are made to respond to high feed rates but aren’t the best suited for conditions where they need to be washed or cleaned. This means that dust and moisture can build up over time, especially since most MDD motors are not dust tight.

Dust problems

Over years of buildup, dust can create lots of problems. Inks can also cause problems too, especially since they can cause corrosion. When dust builds up inside of a MDD motor, it can create problems of position, accuracy, and even overheating issues. For MDD servomotors, it’s like working in a desert.

MDD servomotors that are used in high-speed applications need to work all the time, not just when the environment is dust free. The best way to keep your MDD servomotor running is by paying attention to error messages. No matter which servo drive you’re using with your MDD servomotor, if it’s  suffering from dust suffocation, it will tell you in some way or another. Decoding error messages, however, is often like trying to talk to a servomotor.

We’re experienced in decoding servomotor speak and working with MDD servomotors to find out where the problem is and what action needs to be taken to resolve the issue. Sometimes it’s as easy as a new cable or cleaning but other times dust has built up so much that parts are damaged and need replacement.

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