Motion Control and Safety


Human safety in factories is a central goal for all manufacturers, but factories can be dangerous places by their nature.

Automation helps. Automated process can free human beings from performing repetitive motions that can damage fragile human muscle and joint systems, from working in areas that might create exposure to toxins, or from interacting with dangerous machinery.

Automation can also create new dangers. In particular, people can be endangered by uncontrolled movements of machines. Whether your mental image of uncontrolled machinery comes from movies or from unfortunate experiences at work, you know this can’t be a good thing.

The key is not to have uncontrolled movements.

The precision of servomotors makes them better able to control machinery precisely, resulting in greater safety for human workers in their environments.

Keep your Rexroth Indramat servomotors, drives, and controls in peak condition for maximum safety. Contact us for phone support — and if you need a component fast, we can fly it to you. That means less time managing with workarounds, and greater safety overall.

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