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Graphs and Charts Report with pen

Graphs and Charts Report with pen

A new report on industrial motion control from MarketsandMarkets sees increases in the demand for industrial motion control through the end of this decade. A number of factors driving this increase were  identified in the report:

* Increased demand for energy efficient solutions

* Enhanced production capacity

* High level security concerns

* Increased venture capital funding

Metal and manufacturing is the top application for industrial motion control, followed by electronics. The U.S., Europe, and Asian-Pacific markets are expected to lead the demand for industrial motion control.

For servo motors, drives, and controls in particular, the U.S. is expected to dominate the market, and Rexroth is of course listed in the report among the major players.

However, the demand for new technologies may not mean manufacturers need to buy new servo motors. Increasingly, manufacturers are investing in add-ons like strap-on sensors that increase the intelligence of existing machinery, updated human-machine interfaces, and networks that connect devices with existing networks.

This is because the trend in electric motion control is toward brains, not brawn.

While new industrial motion control systems are likely to provide improved safety and energy efficiency, that’s not the big news. IIoT (the industrial internet of things) is about connecting machines with engineers and with other machines. Often this is a matter of updating sensors and actuators, not drives and controls.

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