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Motion Control Systems: Repair or Replace? 0

Posted on 2, August 2017

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Motion Control Systems: Repair or Replace?/indramat tips blog

When your servo motor or servo drive quits working, you have some options. You can try to troubleshoot it and fix it on the machine, you can remove it and send it back to the factory for fixing, you can send it to a third party repair shop, or you can replace it.

Which is the best choice?

First, we have to recognize that some parts can’t be repaired in situ. Digital motors can’t be opened and worked on in the field as though they were in need of a new battery.

(Sometimes things are in need of a new battery, by the way. Definitely check that if you’ve got, say an Indramat CLM control.)

Second, we have to remember that the factory doesn’t always provide new parts. Indramat (now Rexroth-Bosch), the company we know best, doesn’t sell parts. Not to you, and not to those third-party fix it guys. If you want an Indramat part repaired, you have to send it to the factory.

Trying to keep your machinery going without factory repair often means wasting days and dollars — before you end up with factory repair.

That brings us to the third point. Can you wait for a repair? If you’re in a hurry, you need a replacement.

We keep emergency replacement parts on the shelf so we can get you back up and running fast. We can usually offer 24 hour turnaround time on factory repairs, but you won’t be offline while you’re waiting.

In general, replacement makes the most sense. It might be temporary replacement while the module undergoes repair or reman, or it might be permanent replacement. Either way, it reduces expensive downtime.