Moving Rexroth Units

moving-adf-motorSince Rexroth drive and control units are modular, it’s easy to replace a faulty unit.

Just localize the problem, so that you can be sure which unit is faulty. Shut down the machine correctly if it has not already been shut down. Remove the faulty unit and replace it with an identical Rexroth unit. Power up the machine correctly.

We’re not telling you to pick up the unit and set it over to the side. Most Rexroth units are hefty behemoths, and they must be lifted with a crane and chains.

It’s also essential to lift from the right place. Grabbing the output shaft is not the right way to go about this. Some units, such as the ADF motor, shown in the illustration above, have special eye bolts designed to be used for lifting. If your unit has these bolts, use them. Don’t lift from any other part of the unit.

Not only does lifting your units incorrectly have the potential to create danger for people in the vicinity or cause impact and stress for the unit, it can also damage the coolant inlet and outlet pipes. You wouldn’t realize that until the unit self-destructs shortly after you put it into place, or you get an adjusted estimate because those pipes have to be repaired.

Sometimes it makes sense to turn to a specialist. We specialize in Rexroth electric drive and control technology: servo motors, drives, and controllers. We know both legacy and current Rexroth technology inside and out, so we’re prepared to offer phone support or field support whenever you need it.

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