Multilingual Machinery

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Your motion control devices don’t care whether you speak English, Spanish, or German, and the new Industry 4.0 interfaces can allow operators to choose their preferred language. For a nation of immigrants like the U.S., this can be a great advantage, especially when the skills gap limits hiring options.

Your servos, drives, and controls may be far from the dream of machinery being able to use human languages, but that creates no barrier to simplification of the use of multiple human languages in industrial environments.

But Rexroth has some good news about programming languages. The engineering framework Open Core Engineering by Rexroth now also supports the script language Lua, as well as C/C++ or Java within the Linux environment.

This is another step toward easy collaboration for everyone. Increasingly, engineers can just download the software development kit “Open Core Interface for Drives” from the Rexroth Engineering Network and install it on their system. Then they can work in their preferred environment, secure in the knowledge that their work will be compatible with IndraDrive units.

The PLC variables of the drive-based Motion Logic System IndraMotion MLD can also be used in the application software.

The result is easier integration — a glimpse of the future, when multilingualism among machines will be as routine as it is among humans.

What if you’re using legacy Rexroth motion control or Indramat devices? We can help. We specialize in legacy devices, and we can help with Indramat as well as with IndraDrive units.

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