National Inventors Hall of Fame Announces 2017 Class

The National Inventors Hall of Fame has announced their 2017 inductees.

The class of 2017, who will be celebrated in May of this year, includes these inventors:

Iver Anderson, 1953- , Lead-free solder
Don Arney, 1947- , Bambi bucket for aerial firefighting
Carolyn Bertozzi, 1966- , Bioorthogonal Chemistry
Earle Dickson, 1892-1961, Band-Aid
Harold E. Froehlich, 1922-2007, Deep-sea submersible
Haren S. Gandhi, 1941-2010, Automotive exhaust catalyst
Eli Harari, 1945- , Floating-gate EEPROM
Howard Head, 1914-1991, Laminated ski; oversized tennis racquet
Beatrice Hicks, 1919-1979, Device for sensing gas density
Allene Jeanes 1906-1995, Dextran production; xanthan gum
Marshall Jones 1941- , Industrial laser
Tom Leighton 1956- , Content delivery network
Daniel Lewin 1970-2001, Content delivery network
Frances Ligler 1951- , Portable optical air sensor
Augustine Sackett, 1841-1914 Drywall

Marshall Jones developed industrial lasers for materials handling. Frances Ligler developed portable biosensors which can alert food production facilities to the presence of food-borne pathogens (or submarines to the presence of biological weapons, if that’s what you need). These may be the members of the Class of 2017 who are most closely related to industrial work, though our facilities would be quite different without the inventions created by all of these individuals.

Except perhaps the oversized tennis racquet.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame honors inventors from the past and the present, and is also deeply engaged in creating the inventors of the future with innovative educational programs.

Where would we be without the innovators of the past? Rexroth has been an innovator in industry and continues to blaze new trails for the smart factory of the future.

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