Need Servo Replacement Parts?


You wouldn’t buy parts for your car from a guy on the street corner selling random parts, so why should you try that for your servo replacement parts? Although there’s always the possibility it’ll turn out well, it very rarely does. Servo motors and servo drives bought from places like online auction sites are like buying a part for your car from a shady street dealer. Parts range in quality and you really have no idea what you’ll get till you have it in your hands and give it a try.


Another option to get parts for your car is to go to a junkyard and buy them. However, it’s easy to get incomplete parts or broken parts for your car this way. If a car was in an accident and the part was damaged but looks and feels okay on the outside, you would have no idea that the quality is any less than a used part in great condition.

Until it broke, of course.

Junkyard parts for your servo aren’t any more reliable, especially if they’re made of pieced together parts from failed servos. Some third party servo repair companies use this method to come up with servo replacement parts—and it’s questionable what kind of quality you’ll get from them.


Buying replacement parts at the dealership is more expensive but there’s assured quality in the part as well as knowledge that you’re getting the right thing. Since Rexroth doesn’t sell replacement parts, it’s impossible to get dealer parts. Any company that says they’re selling you original parts needs to be prepared to explain how they got around that.

Factory repairs

The only way to get your servos repaired right is to have factory repairs completed. Luckily, we only offer factory repairs and factory remanufactured replacement components for all our Indramat and Rexroth clients.

Factory repair means original parts and Rexroth-trained technicians. That’s a far cry from a shady fellow on a street corner. Contact us now for immediate help.

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Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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