New Steps in AI On the Way

qubitsFor some time now, the most exciting advances in AI and motion control have been coming out of game production. We like a good game as much as the next guy, but we’d rather not have all the news in our field coming out of toy companies. That may be about to change. Google and NASA have joined forces to launch the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Quantum computers use quantum bits, or qubits, which are not hampered by that whole either on or off thing that affects regular bits. Theoretically, qubits allow a computer to do more things at once. Perhaps unlimited things at once.

Electronic brains, including servo-motors, usually have to take one step at a time, using algorithms to make one decision after another. They make those decisions really fast, so it looks like they’re thinking, but they’re not.

Human brains are more likely to use heuristics, fuzzier decision making that involves considering many different factors at once. Quantum AI could conceivably do this kind of thinking. Add the speed of a computer and you have something completely game-changing.

What effect will this have on your life and work? Too soon to tell. For now, just know that you can call us when your Indramat or Rexroth motion control needs help.

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