No Ordinary Disruption


No Ordinary Disruption, a fascinating new book by Richard Dobbs, James Manyika, and Jonathan Woetzel, lists four global forces to be reckoned with. One of these four is the speed with which technological change is taking place.

If you fell asleep like Rip Van Winkle in 1300 and woke up in 1400, you might not have noticed much difference when you woke up. It took 500 years for the original printing press to see the level of change involved in the first computer printer in 1953.

But it was just about thirty years later that 3-D printing became practical.

Here’s the list of the “Disruptive Dozen” new technologies Dobbs et al see as holding the greatest power for messing up our current business models:

  • genomics
  • advanced materials
  • energy storage
  • advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery
  • renewable energy
  • robotics
  • autonomous vehicles
  • 3-D printing
  • mobile internet
  • Internet of Things
  • cloud tech
  • automation of knowledge work

Sound familiar? Some or all of these things might already be changing the way you work.

Note that “amazing new servo motor technology” isn’t on the list. For many of the tasks you need to do, changing the hardware that runs your motion control is not one of the high priorities.

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