PancakeBot will not solve the problem of world hunger, bring about world peace, or even get your breakfast on the table faster and more accurately than your painstaking manual methods.

So what’s it good for?

PancakeBot allow you to program a specialized 3-D printer to make any image you like from pancake batter. Different amounts of baking time create darker and lighter areas to make a more realistic shaded look, and you can download designs if your imagination fails you. For just a few hundred dollars, you can have additive manufacturing at your breakfast table.

Miguel Valenzuela, inventor of the PancakeBot, made the first PancakeBot out of Legos and displayed it at the New York Maker Faire. It was a “what if” project developed as he was thinking of ways to get his young daughters involved in the Maker movement. As a civil engineer and an artist, Miguel thought about ways to make robotics exciting in the context of his kid-filled kitchen.

In the field of industrial automation, new technology is exploding. Every week brings some new and amazing capability. Soft robots! Learning robots! Robots that can sense air pollution almost as well as mussels!

What are they good for? Nothing, unless they’re put into practical use. This is often the hardest part of innovation. We can do X, now what would make it worthwhile to do it?

So PancakeBot may not offer much additional value on its own, but it could spark new ideas. It could inspire someone to come up with a more effective way to use additive manufacturing. It could give people warm fuzzy feelings about robots that will lead to more active involvement in robotics among the rising generation.

People who eat PancakeBot artwork for breakfast might be the ones who shrink the skills gap and raise the bar on innovation.

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