Pencils Without Rexroth?

What would life would be like if some particular thing were different? Most of us probably wonder about that sometimes — what if we had taken a different job or chosen to live in a different country? But have you thought about how your life might be different if the small things in life were different?

Check out this short 5 minute video about one pencil company while you contemplate that:

While we’re curious to know if they use Rexroth or Indramat equipment in their manufacturing process, it’s still always amazing to see how a daily object goes from the concept to a completed object. Pencils are made in different colors and shapes, but the process is similar for all of them. Many of haven’t used wooden pencils since school — or only on the golf course, but they have probably influenced our lives in ways we rarely think about. The stylus predates the pencil by centuries, of course, but would we have thought of the ancient tool’s applications in electronics if we hadn’t gotten used to using pencils?  Would we have moved immediately to touch screens?

Without wooden pencils, we might never have had mechanical pencils — and there are still plenty of engineers who think with a mechanical pencil.

Indramat’s new servo motor technology was a game changer in the 20th century. Without those innovations, would Rexroth have become the giant in motion control it is now? Every change in technology is like a pebble dropped into water, creating ripples of change that can’t be foreseen.

While we’re contemplating how changes in technology might affect us, we still might have older technology — like the pencil — that we rely on. If you rely on Indramat and Rexroth technology, you’ll be glad to know that you can rely on us for support when you need it.

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