Performance and Servos

theater-by-BWChicagoWhile you’re concerned about the performance of your servos and your production rates, there are other servo users who are more concerned with the performance going off without a hitch—stage directors and managers. Curtains, lighting, sets, and everything in between goes into good production for a theater but they’re not easy to move around. But no one is pulling a rope anymore—that’s the job of a servo or hydraulic pump these days.

Rexroth worked with Burg-theater in Vienna to update their stage technology so all the moving parts work together to make a performance into something more. The original drives were installed in the 1990s and were still in fine working order but some updates needed to be added for increased functionality and safety. Rexroth helped the staff at Burg-theater to create an updated system that works better than before with special safety settings to prevent accidents and injury.

If you’re ever seen a production where huge panels of backgrounds move in and out of scenes while actors are still on stage, you can understand why safety is so important. Should one of those panels malfunction or move at the wrong time, it could cause serious harm to an actor or someone backstage. On top of safety, things need to move as quickly around as required, including dramatic curtain drops or stage panels that bring in new actors or scenes for shifts in the action on stage.

The benefit of Rexroth servos is they’re highly adaptable and durable. The same servos that were installed in Vienna’s theater decades ago are still working in top condition and will for a long time to come. While we don’t service Europe, if you need help with your Rexroth parts and machinery backstage in a U.S. theater, give us a call and we’ll be sure to help you get your actors back on stage. As they say, the show must go on!

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