Power Problems? Could Be Servos

dirty-servo-by-teemumantynenYou’re on a new budget for the start of the year and already you’re having problems. Your energy bills are too high but you’re not sure why. It could be heating costs with the Polar Vortex that wreaked havoc on many areas of the United States at the start of the year but it might be something else. When was the last time you looked at how much energy your servo systems are using?

If your work isn’t fluctuating much, the amount of energy your servos use should stay, theoretically, around the same. You keep your floor at the same ambient temperature most days for worker comfort so your cooling systems shouldn’t be drawing too much energy to cool, especially if you’re keeping your work areas particularly chilly. Servos doing the same work day in and day out shouldn’t be using a much higher amount than in the past if all the variables are the same. So what gives?

It could be because of dust accumulations inside of your servos. Over time, dust and other tiny debris can build up inside of servos and cause overheating that requires more energy to keep your cabinets and motors running. If you haven’t cleaned out your servos or had them serviced in a long time (or ever) it might cause you to use more energy than needed to keep everything running.

If you find that your energy costs have gone up more than they should, check your servos for dust and debris buildup, especially around fans inside of cabinets or for cooling attachments. If your processes have changed since your servos were installed, make sure that your servos still meet your dust and grime requirements. If not, you’re setting yourself up for a future failure.

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