Print Your Parameters!


Next time you see some guy drowning his sorrows in a solitary beer, don’t assume he’s morose because he lost his girl. He might have lost his parameters.

Rexroth legacy electric motion control relies on programmed parameters, and if they’re lost (perhaps with a careless pushing of the S1 button at the wrong moment), you’ve got a problem.

Hasn’t happened to you? Great! Go print out all your configuration data and file the printouts in a safe place. Not that “safe place” that people use to store things that they will never find again because all they can remember is that they put it in a safe place, but in a clearly labeled file in a file drawer.

The label could say something like “Configuration Data for Indramat CLM.” Add a big note in red ink saying, “Don’t throw this away!”

Your machinery needs programming. If you lose it, you need to be able to retrieve it. Backing up the program is one solution (it’ll be the clm.exe file, but the computer with the backup has probably been thrown away by now), and maybe the only solution for large files.

But you can manually input the code with the keypad if you have to. You’re not going to memorize the code, so a printed copy can save your life — or at least your machine’s life — if you find yourself in that position.

Therefore, it makes sense to take the time to print out the configuration data now, before it’s lost. Maybe you’ll never lose your parameters. We hope that’s the case. But if it ever happens to you, you will be much happier if you have the configuration data available. It’s better to have a celebratory pint after solving a problem than a consolation pint when the problem’s not solved at the end of the day.

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