Printing Trends

Printing is one of the industries where Rexroth provides the unbeatable combination of power and precision. While newspapers’ print circulation has been falling since the internet was born, innovative packaging has been challenging the printing industry and keeping the presses running.

What trends are affecting printing now?

Consumers demand customization from manufacturing. This increasing trend has created stress for manufacturers and fueled reshoring.

But customization is not as hard for printers as it is for other industries. Printing has made customization manageable in many cases. The Snickers candy bar “Who are you when you’re hungry?” campaign is a great example. You can pick a bar called “Rebellious” or “Loopy” and let people know exactly what you think of them.

Printing inside the box is another trend — and it’s somewhat surprising. Printing on the inside of a package could be a waste if you’re thinking about the packaging for a retail shelf. For ecommerce, though, it’s a cost-effective way to add value. That extra printing can even encourage social sharing of the package.

Sustainability is another focus for consumers. Consumers are increasingly concerned with the environment, and that trend is affecting the materials and processes in printing and packaging.

Consumers may be more likely to read the inner surfaces of their packing crates than newspapers, but one thing has not changed. Electric drive and control is still the right way to go. Whether you’re dealing with two-sided printing for packaging, short runs to meet customization demands, or the use of green materials, electric motion control is what you need to make it happen.

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