Productivity Is Up

Overall production in the U.S. increased in July for the second month in a row, rising 2.9%. Experts think there may be a drop in reaction to the tariffs and trade wars ramping up, but for the moment the news is good.

Manufacturing productivity rose by .9%. Productivity  is a measure of the amount of output per worker hour. This particular metric has been fairly static for nearly a decade, but July’s increase brings U.S. worker productivity back up to 2015 levels.

Of course, increased productivity per worker, combined with the drop in labor costs, doesn’t translate to more manufacturing jobs. It could, however, lead to increased profits in manufacturing and a greater ability to export goods to other nations.

In fact, productivity is one of the top metrics for manufacturing.

An important factor in manufacturing productivity is increasing automation. A machine operator can produce far more than an artisan making items individually. The loss of low-skilled jobs with increasing automation is balanced by the increase in jobs for trained and educated workers. (Artisans aren’t generally working in factories, so their jobs are not especially affected.)

Manufacturing automation relies on top quality motion control. In this area, you can’t beat Rexroth. The industrial motion control giant saw more than 10% increase in revenues over the past year, with Industry 4.0 systems driving growth.

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