Quality Control with Rexroth Servos

quality-control-by- {Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester}There are many different types of failure for Rexroth servomotors and drives; the most common is usually because parts simply stop moving. However, Rexroth servos can have other issues than complete failure and they usually appear as quality control issues.

Issues with quality might be rooted in issues with servos and might be grounds for bringing in a repair company like ours to resolve the issue. If your Rexroth servo isn’t working correctly, it can cause problems like packing a product incorrectly, like this package of pills. When the servo controlling the placement of pills has problems, that results in problems with the end product that can end up costing your company as much as or more than when a servo break stops operations.

Quality problems often result in waste, raising the cost per item. If you have big quality issues, this can mean spending more money to make a product than you can sell it for—and that’s never a situation you want to be in.

A servo might be faltering because of a part that’s about to break or an error that’s causing it to be less accurate and these problems might show up as a quality issue. If your quality control team aren’t aware of the possibility, they might not consider it — so often what we see depends on what we expect to see. A temporary fix might seem to tide you over, but it won’t last. Fixing the root problem before moving forward ensures you’re producing a better product.

Servomotors rarely have problems but when they do, they’re often a big deal—when your line stops working entirely panic mode sets in. Some people brush off quality issues because they’re still operating. Quality problems can often be a sign of bigger problems to come. If your line is having quality problems and you think the root might be your Rexroth servo, give us a call at 479-422-0390 and see how we can help.

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