Record Robot Sales

The Association for Advancing Automation reports that robot sales increased by 43% in the first quarter of 2022 — and that’s just traditional industrial robots. Including other types of robots would have resulted in even higher numbers.

This is a continued surge in automation and the rise of robots. 2021 was a record-breaking year for robot sales, fourth quarter of 2021 was a record-breaking quarter, and the industry has just gone from strength to strength in recent months.

Good for workers?

Some people are responding with alarm. What if the current labor shortage is just a temporary dip in total available workers, they worry, and when people are ready to get back to work, there are too few jobs?

In fact, automation usually increases production, makes companies more competitive, improves efficiency, and allows growth. Growth leads to more jobs. All these things also allow lower costs, which encourages consumers to buy more, leading to further growth for the companies that make these things.

At least in theory, increasing automation should make things better for workers.

On the other hand, the Brookings Institute says that “automation also shifts compensation from workers to business owners, who enjoy higher profits with less need for labor.” Wired compared a firm in Ohio with one in Germany to show how the American approach to automation can be harmful to workers and employers alike — even though automation itself doesn’t automatically have negative impact.

What about your robots

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