How We Repair Indramat Rexroth Equipment


Rexroth does not sell parts to third party repairers, meaning that unless you’re getting your part factory repaired, you’ll be getting Indramat parts of dubious origin. We’ll let you imagine how third party repair shops get their parts for repairs.

That’s why we provide factory repair services—we believe the best people to repair and replace your Indramat equipment are the people who built and designed it in the first place. By getting your equipment factory repaired, you avoid worries about ill-fitting parts, worn out salvaged parts, or longer repairs times because the repairman doesn’t know the intricacies of the repair.

Our repair process

Our repair process is pretty simple and helps reduce your downtime to the least amount possible. Here’s our process:

  1. You call us and describe the problem.
  2. We assess the problem and determine the best action. If possible, we guide you through how to solve the problem over the phone.
  3. We get the part from you if there’s no alternative. We can provide an emergency replacement if time is an issue.
  4. We repair your part as fast as possible, unless you’ve opted for a replacement part. Standard turn is two weeks on drives and three on motors. Repair can be expedited in most cases to as quick as 24 hours for an additional fee.
  5. We deliver the part to you.
  6. Your part is installed and you’re back online.

We aim at reducing downtime due to Rexroth repairs as much as possible and delivering your parts in near-new condition.

24 Hour Turnaround

Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance

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