Repair or REMAN?

When you rely on Rexroth electric industrial automation, you don’t need to do much troubleshooting or tweaking. Rexroth servos, drives, and controls function perfectly without maintenance for decades. When you finally encounter a problem, your first thought might be to replace the unit.

Rexroth modular design means you can pull the defective unit off the machine and quickly replace it with a new unit. This reduces downtime and keeps your facility on track. You’ve already gotten your money’s worth from the Rexroth motion control system, so you can see the value of spending on a new Rexroth component.

But replacing the unit is not your only option, and it might not be the most cost-effective choice.

Rexroth repair

The most important thing to keep in mind when you consider repairing your Rexroth units is this: repair should always mean factory repair.

Rexroth components are not designed to be repaired on the machine. A rough and ready fix usually won’t fix your problems.

Since Rexroth doesn’t do repairs in the field, you’ll be bringing in a third party repair shop if you choose to try to fix your machinery where it is. Rexroth doesn’t provide parts to this parties. So your knight in shining armor is coming to you with scavenged parts, no specs, and probably very little experience. They’ll patch things up, but you can’t really call it a repair.

Factory repair is done at the Rexroth factory by Rexroth technicians, with Rexroth parts. Your component comes back to you in like-new condition, with a new warranty.


Again, we’re talking factory remanufacturing. All wearing parts will be replaced with the newest version of the parts. That means that you benefit from technological advances — if the new part is an update of the part that originally came with your unit, you will receive the new part at no extra cost.

The unit will be completely cleaned. A motor housing will be resealed and repainted, too. Your component is not just “like new”; in every meaningful way, it is new.

This applies even to legacy units that can no longer be bought new. You’ll still receive a new warranty.

So should you choose repair or reman? This depends on your resources and how many months you want on that new warranty. Call us to discuss your needs and we’ll advise you based on your particular circumstances.

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