Repair or Replace?

Everything’s humming along, pushing out rows of whatever you make at your facility, and then it’s not. Once you’ve smothered the sparks and quieted the screeching, you have a question to answer: repair or replace?

A new study reported in The Guardian says that consumers in general would rather repair machinery than replace it. You probably feel the same way. It’s cheaper to repair, and more environmentally friendly, too.

Consumers complain that they can’t repair their devices, though, and it’s hard to find anyone who can. The Maker movement, they found, is empowering people to try their own repairs. 4% of respondents have tried to fix their own phones; a far smaller percent actually succeeded.

You might like the Don Quixote attitude there, but finding someone who can actually fix a device would generally work better than trying DIY. The Maker movement is mostly about making, not fixing. Consumers wish they could get their stuff repaired — they don’t really want to do it. They are sick of being told that there’s no point in trying to fix their vacuum cleaners or Nest devices.

What does that have to do with your factory?

When you think about repairing your machinery, you may end up talking with a sales rep who gives you that same “It’s not worth fixing.” You might end up at eBay hoping to replace your component (here’s why you shouldn’t). We talk with a lot of folks who call Bob’s Bait, Tackle, & Servo Repair. They usually regret it.

Factory repair is the solution. Rexroth modules are not designed to be repaired on the machine, they’re not intended for DIY, and they can’t be stuck together with chewing gum and duct tape and end up good as new. They can be repaired or remanufactured at the factory and come back into service for less than the cost of replacement.

We can’t speak for your Roomba or your Nest, but we can provide factory repair for Rexroth electric industrial motion control. Your component will come back to you in like-new condition, often with a warranty. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate assistance.

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