Rexroth a “Key Servo Manufacturer”


Rexroth has been named a “key servo manufacturer” in two new research reports on the servo motor industry.

According to the new reports, the global servo motor industry amounted to $10.46 billion in 2015, and growth to $11.16 billion is expected in 2016. The size of the market is predicted to hit $12.56 billion by 2020.

The same reports claim that 70% of current servo motor sales are of AC rather than DC servos.

The steady climb in sales of servo motors is affected by a number of factors. First, certainly, is the increasing need for highly accurate motion control systems as manufacturers increase automation and respond to greater demands for customization from the brands they serve. General changes in technology are also encouraging investment in new servo motors.

Rexroth, at least, offers greater safety and energy savings in newer model servo motors, and these innovations sales of new servo motors. Stricter environmental and safety regulations naturally serve as impetus to upgrade motion control systems.

Drops in the cost of rare earth permanent magnet materials have also narrowed the cost gap between servos and steppers. Where servos provide greater precision and accuracy, they have traditionally been more expensive than stepper motors. As the cost difference is reduced, manufacturers see an opportunity to step up to a higher quality option.

China’s determination to modernize their manufacturing sector and remain competitive even as their labor costs rise has been another significant factor in the expansion of servo motor sales.

All this is good news for servo motor manufacturers. If you’re a buyer rather than a seller, this could be a great time to invest in new motion control… but it’s also good to know that you don’t have to run with the pack. Rexroth legacy electric motion control systems can often be repaired or remanufactured for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Often, the cost of downtime makes this option seem impractical. However, we offer the largest range of emergency replacement units in the nation. If you want the savings of repair or reman without the drawbacks of downtime, call us today.

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