Rexroth ActiveCockpit Wins Award

Rexroth’s ActiveCockpit software has won Special Mention in the Human Interface Category of the prestigious German Design Award. The German Design Council, the organization that presents the German Design Award, was impressed by the focus on employee experience that is central to Rexroth software.

ActiveCockpit collects production data and shares a visualization on a user-friendly dashboard in real time. Providing a common platform for discussion of the data allows decision making to be faster and more practical than before. More stakeholders can understand the information provided, and more information can be accessed.

The resulting increase in productivity and decrease in problems may be the most obvious advantages, but Rexroth thinks of this technology as a tool for communication among the people in the factory.

In the past, you might have had to walk around and collect performance data from all the machines in your facility — or maybe intuit performance data, since many of the machines don’t provide much of that unless there’s a problem. You’d need to analyze that data from an engineering point of view and draw conclusions which you would then share with other decisions makers.

They have other information of their own, and other analyses and questions. As you talk, you develop approximate understandings of each other’s ideas and information, and everyone walks away with some idea of what’s going on… depending on the amount of jargon involved and your choices about what information to offer. Decisions are made on the basis of a partial understanding, or maybe by the HIPPOs — the highest paid person’s opinion.

With ActiveCockpit, all the production data is gathered and analyzed automatically. It’s presented as easy-to-grasp visualizations. All of the information is available at one time, so a question can be answered immediately with real-time data, not an errand to collect more information.

It’s yet another innovation from Rexroth, one of the leaders in Industry 4.0 technology. We specialize in Rexroth electric industrial motion control. Call us whenever you need support. m

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