Rexroth Adds a Wizard


National Instruments and Rexroth are getting together to make the configuration of measuring and testing machines fast and easy — really.

Rexroth’s new pre-configured drives run some 200,000 different tasks without requiring any PLC code. Instead, Rexroth’s EasyWizard guides users through the initial commissioning in under three minutes. Using a visual interface and IoT strategies which allow the machines to recognize one another automatically, the new system requires only the input of a few values specific to the desired application.

IndraDrive Cs and  IndraDyn S servomotors are the hardware in the mix.

Simplifying the commissioning and configuration of the machines not only cuts back on time, it increases the range of operators who can complete the task. As industrial motion control increasingly requires highly-skilled operators, simplifying the first steps lets facilities spread the work among a wider range of workers.

LabView, the visual interface connected with EasyWizard, is part of Rexroth’s Hermes Award winning open source core engineering initiative. The extensive library of VIs makes this kind of collaborative solution possible.

Open source is one of the most promising new directions for industrial automation, but it has met some obstacles — notable, concerns about security and profitability. As Rexroth and others in the movement continue to provide successful examples of what this approach to engineering can do, the naysayers may back down.

In the meantime, we can help you keep your legacy Rexroth motion control components in working order. We offer field support and phone support, plus emergency units and charter plane service for truly fast service.


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