Rexroth Bethlehem Receives DOE Certification

Rexroth’s Bethlehem, Pennsylvania plant has received platinum certification in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Superior Energy Performance program. Rexroth has been working hard on energy efficiency for as long as we’ve known them, so we know the Bethlehem facility’s new award from the Department of Energy is well deserved.

The facility began by establishing baselines, and set a goal for 2020 of a 35% reduction in C02 emissions and a 35% increase in energy efficiency.

The next step was leveraging of the Bright Idea program, an initiative that encourages and rewards employee suggestions for improvement. The Bright Ideas program accepts workers’ ideas for improving efficiency, safety, and now also energy efficiency. Ideas are reviewed, and workers are rewarded with special Bright Ideas swag. Having more people looking for opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and save energy helped the company catch more of those opportunities.

Rexroth worked with the ISO 50001 standard to track the changes they were making, and had their results audited by a third party to make sure they weren’t overestimating. The results are worth it. There’s the award, of course, but they’ve also saved $2,700,000 in the process.

The Bethlehem facility is the first American Rexroth plant to reach the platinum level for the Superior Energy Performance Award. The facility also placed in a “Best Place to Work” contest back in 2014. One of the factors mentioned by workers was the fact that the management of the company listened to workers. The Bright Idea program was mentioned then as an important part of that listening, and it has paid off now in this important achievement.

Energy efficiency continues to be a goal for manufacturers worldwide. Rexroth is providing an example, as well as producing increasingly energy efficient machinery. If you’re using Rexroth electric motion control, we can help you keep it in optimum working condition, and important step toward energy savings.


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