Rexroth Collaborates with Finnish Robotics Company

Finland has been declared the Happiest Country in the World for the 7th year in a row, according to the World Happiness Report. We are not suggesting that this is caused by the collaboration of Rexroth with the Finnish logistics company K. Hartwall. But that is certainly a reason to celebrate and something to add to the already high level of happiness Finland enjoys.

A pair of new robots, the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) ACTIVE Shuttle from Bosch Rexroth and the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) A MATE® FreeLift from K.Hartwall, will work together to provide a complete internal transport system.

Different forms for different functions

The ACTIVE Shuttle takes standard KLT containers on dollies and provides fully automatic transport around warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other facilities. It can drive into supermarket aisles and other limited spaces, since it’s sleek and precise in steering. It’s designed to map its approved routes during initial commissioning, without additional programming. It has built-in obstacle avoidance capabilities.

The A MATE FreeLift carries voluminous materials on pallets, adaptor pallets, or roll containers. It’s ideal for materials that won’t fit into KLY containers, materials that won’t stack. Between the two forms of robots, all internal transport needs can be met.

The ACTIVE Shuttle Management System (AMS) from Rexroth manages both types of robots. A fleet of combined ACTIVE Shuttles and A MATE FreeLifts can be orchestrated together with a single AMS, allowing a seamless solution for all kinds of materials.

The management can be conducted with ERP software or manually with a tablet, making the solution practical for a variety of companies and special needs.

The combination of standardization and flexibility make this system work, just like all the Rexroth systems you’ve worked with. When your Rexroth electric industrial motion control systems need support or service, contact us first. We’re specialists, and we have the largest inventory of Rexroth motion control components in the nation.

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