Rexroth Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots — some call them cobots — are a growing segment of the industrial robotics market. They’re a game changer in manufacturing, especially for small to medium businesses that aren’t ready for full-scale industrial automation.

Rexroth doesn’t use the term “cobots.” Contact-free human-robot collaboration (HRC) is the Rexroth term. Also Automatic Production Assistants (APAS).

Special names aren’t the only special thing about Rexroth’s collaborative robots. These new robots use innovative safety technology to make sure that there is no physical contact between the human and robot collaborators. This requires a special sensor skin which can sense the proximity of a human. If the robot and the human get too close to one another, the robot will stop moving before the two touch.

Once the human partner is out of danger, the robot returns to its task at the exact point at which it left off.

The robots use the popular KUKA programming language designed for robotics. It’s widely used, potentially reducing the learning curve for existing teams. KUKA software includes ready-made

The benefit of automation for human workers is significant, and these robots are designed to take on repetitive, monotonous, or dangerous tasks. Since they don’t have to be placed in safety cages or otherwise separated from human workers on the floor, they are able to rescue their human coworkers from hostile environments or un-ergonomic tasks with a high level of flexibility.

Traditional industrial robots require a large amount of space and can’t easily be moved from one place to another.

In today’s manufacturing context, the ability to make changes and to use robots in multiple contexts gives a company an advantage. The new collaborative robots have the safety, power, and precision Rexroth is famous for, with the benefits of the new style of robot.

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