Rexroth Conveyors

Take a trip on a Rexroth conveyor system, at least virtually, with the video above.

Enough fun. Now think about the maintenance your conveyor system needs.

Most Rexroth units, such as servo motors and drives, require no maintenance. You need to keep their environment under control, but there’s nothing you can open up and fine tune.

Conveyor systems, however, need some regular maintenance.

What’s shaking?

Ideally, nothing. The smooth ride you enjoyed in the video above is what you should expect. Wipe down the surfaces of your conveyor system every week, and watch in between times for any debris.

Workpieces and pallets may pick up dust and grime. Debris can easily transfer to the conveyor, and then it’s an easy move to to the working parts. Don’t let that happen. Wipe down the surface regularly, and do so any time you see dirt or detritus on the conveyor belt.

Keep it tight.

Tighten the T-bolts when you do your weekly wipe down.

In between times, listen for clattering sounds that can clue you in to loose connections somewhere. If the conveyor is noisy, track down the problem and solve it. Missing fasteners or loose connections are the source of many conveyor system problems. Rexroth systems are designed to keep jitter to a minimum, but vibration is part of machine operation, and over time it can cause fasteners to loosen.

Grease is the word.

Your conveyor system needs lubrication: monthly for toothed belts and quarterly for chains.

Any time you perform basic maintenance, check the cooling components while you’re at it. Be sure to clean up any excess grease. Lubrication is one thing, but cleanliness is a big part of maintenance.


If you keep up with these essential maintenance steps and watch and listen for signs of trouble, you should be fine. Your conveyor systems will work better when they’re clean and orderly. Issues with the Rexroth electric motion control system? Call us immediately. We’ll have you up and running again in no time.

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