Rexroth Diagnostic Messages

Rexroth error codes can be frustrating. Your machine has ground to a halt. Your people are standing around doing nothing but maybe complaining. Your supervisor is frothing at the mouth. You’ve followed a cable to a cabinet, blown off a few layers of the dust, and pulled out a mysterious device you’ve never seen before. It’s presenting you with a mystical message like “F253” and you’re not sure what to do next. But Rexroth diagnostic messages include more than just error codes.

Before you start searching for what to do about a Rexroth error code, make sure you’re actually looking at an error  code.

The numbers will give you a clue about the meaning of the specific diagnostic message you’re looking at.

All the diagnostic messages

  • Error: F2xx
  • Command: C0200
  • Command error: C02xx
  • Warning: E2xx
  • Communication phase: A0001
  • Drive ready for operation: A0012
  • Operating mode: A0101

Flashing lights

Some Rexroth Indradrive diagnostic messages feature flashing lights. The flashing is a clue that you have a problem.

If the diagnostic message begins with F2, then you definitely have an error code. Request a manual to find out exactly what your error code means.

If your code starts with C2 and does not continue with a couple of zeros, you have a command error.

If you see E2, you have a warning. You should treat both error codes and warning codes as a big deal. There are many possible solutions, from changing a battery to buying a new drive, but you will definitely need to do something.

We’ve talked with people who just clear the code and move on. They’ll tell us that they’re seeing the same code eight or ten times a day, as though they would like their machinery to be less repetitive and more original.

The reason you keep seeing that message is that you haven’t fixed the problem. Call us now, while it still can be fixed.

No flashing lights

The diagnostic messages which have no flashing lights are not error codes. They’re aligned on the right side, and they are giving you information. The information includes things like the status of the communication phase transition and command acknowledgements.

These are usually not warnings.

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