Rexroth Drive Error F260


Error F260 will show up for your Rexroth EcoDrive CS Drive Controllers under several circumstances. Basically, it has reached the peak current level. You’ll get an E260 warning. If the problem continues, you’ll get the F260 error and the drive controller will shut down.

How did it reach the peak current level?

Sometimes, it’s the cable. If the motor power cable isn’t connected, or isn’t connected correctly, you can see this error.

Cables can be vulnerable. People step on them, push furniture across them, kick them out of the way, and generally abuse them. They can get worn or disconnected easily. Check your cables first.

The motor holding brake might be connected incorrectly, or released incorrectly.

You may have excessive torque.

All these things can be frustrating, but the most frustrating thing might be when you check all these connections and settings and find nothing wrong… because your problem is somewhere else.

You’re in a jam.

If an axis is jammed, the physical problem can easily be in a place where you’re not looking.

Repeated jamming can be the result of having parts somewhere along the line that are not quite the same size as the others. You may not be able to see the difference with the naked eye, but if your machinery was bought on eBay and repaired by Bob’s Bait and Servo Fixit Shop, you may have an assortment of parts from different places cobbled together into a Franken-machine. Very small differences can lead to big problems over time.

If you’ve examined all these possibilities and you’re still having trouble, give us a call. We offer phone support, field support, and the largest selection of emergency Rexroth electric motion control replacement parts in the nation.

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