Rexroth Eases Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen fuel is powered by the chemical reaction of hydrogen with oxygen. It’s a zero-carbon fuel, and can be used for cars and also for production of electricity in other situations. It is non-toxic and leaves behind only water.

In other words, hydrogen is a cleaner and greener fuel than most alternatives.

Filling stations

Rexroth’s new system for storing and using hydrogen is much more efficient than current methods. In cooperation with Maximator, Bosch Rexroth has created a better way of compressing hydrogen for use in filling stations. With electrohydraulic drives, power electronics and automated seal replacement, this solution will provide a cost-effective way for filling stations to enter the hydrogen fuel market.

Rexroth reports that their new solution could reduce costs by half.

The plan is to have these components in 4,000 filling stations worldwide by 2030.

The bigger picture

Bosch Rexroth is committed to hydrogen fuel for the future. They already are using this technology in their internal processes, including an end to end solution at their Homburg plant.

While hydrogen fuel is less efficient for cars than all-electric vehicles, it is more practical for applications like long-haul trucks, trains, buses, and the like. The Hydrogen Energy Platform is already in use at 120 Bosch Rexroth facilities worldwide, so it is expected to be a broader solution for energy production going forward.

Rexroth’s system is helping to make hydrogen a more viable energy source.

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