Rexroth Electric Wave Generators

The Indonesian Hydrodynamic Laboratory (IHL) has decided to replace their 25 year old Rexroth motion control system — with a new Rexroth electric motion control system.

The system is designed to generate waves for research projects. The IHL has an enormous basin which they use to simulate ocean waves. The basin is still usable after a quarter of a century, but it’s time to replace the wave generator.

While the original basin will be kept IHL is taking advantage of the opportunity to divide it into two spaces. One will simulate deep water conditions, while the other will focus on shallow water conditions. The updated basin will require some changes to the facility’s foundations, but will also extend IHL’s capabilities.

Naturally, since the original Rexroth machinery has been doing yeoman service for a quarter of a century, the IHL came back to Rexroth for the update. A change to electric motion control allows a multidirectional wave generator with servo motors operating moveable flaps.

Rexroth’s electric motion control systems have very long service lives. We often get calls from engineers who are facing problems with their Rexroth electric motion control systems for the first time since the machinery was installed, decades earlier.

In fact, you’ll hear people complain that the problem with Rexroth motion control machinery is that it doesn’t break down. Without frequent opportunities to trouble shoot Rexroth servos, drives, and controls, engineers don’t develop those skills. Manuals get lost (although we’ll be happy to fulfill your Rexroth manual requests). People forget what’s in the cabinet.

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