Rexroth Error Code F2057

Rexroth error codes are a handy heads up from your IndraDrive that something has gone wrong. Sometimes it’s a matter of overheating or a broken cable or another mechanical, physical issue. Sometimes, as with Rexroth error code F2057, it’s more of a programming error.

What does Rexroth error code F2057 mean?

An F2057 error means that the target position is out of travel range. The target position is the end position for the machine that the drive controls. A robotic arm might be sent to a specific end point, for example. It should stop at a defined point X. The drive recognizes that the point X in question is not a good place for that arm to be, so it alerts the operator and ends the movement.

Essentially, the drive has been told to end a machine’s movement in a place which is not in the area where the machine is supposed to travel. It could be that the machine is supposed to travel within the available space in its cage, for example. If the location specified would take the machine outside of its safe area, it won’t follow through.

How do you clear the error?

Check the position value, and correct it if necessary. A simple keying error can give your system the wrong target position. Or it could be that the stored parameters are off. The machine could have outdated information about its location and surroundings, especially if you’re putting a new machine into service or moving a machine. It may simply be that the digital reality of the space doesn’t match the physical reality.

Reprogramming the drive may clear the error code.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, or you don’t feel comfortable reprogramming your drive, give us a call. We’re Rexroth specialists with decades of experience troubleshooting all kinds of Rexroth electric motion control systems.

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