Rexroth Error Code F209

Rexroth motion control components communicate with you — even the legacy units do their best to tell you what’s wrong when they have a problem.

When your DKC or Indradrive lets you know that error code F209 has cropped up, you can conclude that your parameters have changed.

If you’ve recently changed your firmware, this message lets you know that a problem has come up. Your new firmware may have a different number of parameters from your old firmware, and your machinery is getting something different from what it needs and expects.

Press S1?

The S1 button is the reset button. Pressing S1 is a real option here. Doing this will cause your drive to reset all the parameters back to factory settings.

That’s just what you need… as long as the factory settings are what you need. In fact, you might have carefully configured parameters that are nothing like the factory settings. If you push S-1, your machine will no longer have any record of those parameters.

You might have them in a clm.exe file. Unfortunately, that file — the back up — might be on a computer that has long ago been sent to recycling. It could be on a floppy disk that no current machine can read.

Maybe someone printed out the clm.exe file and you can manually input the parameters. As long as you know where the hard copy is. If mice have eaten it, you’re out of luck.

We’ve made the point

Don’t press S1 until you’re sure that you have a good copy of the parameters for your component somewhere safe.

Before you hit reset, download the clm.exe file and make sure that it is readable. Now, whatever else happens, you can be confident that you will be able to get your drive back to work.

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