Rexroth Error Code F226

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Rexroth servo motors, drives, and controls are remarkably self-sufficient. They don’t need to be oiled or cleaned (though the legacy components that live in cabinets have to be kept in their cabinets so they stay clean) or given a rest or updated or adjusted.

They do need electricity, though. You could think of it as feeding and watering, except that you basically just need them to stay plugged in.

A lot of the calls that we get are from people who didn’t even know that they had Rexroth motion control in their facility until a machine stopped, causing panic all along the line as workers spent highly-paid time standing around waiting for the machine to get fixed.

The guy who calls us often has had to follow cables from the machinery to a cabinet hidden behind a bunch of stuff. The mysterious cabinet, covered with the dust of decades, contains a servo with the mystic word “Indramat.” Further following of cables ensues and at some point the guy sees the rune-like string “F226.”

Googling gets him to us.

What does F226 mean?

F226 means that your drive has experienced an undervoltage error: too little voltage. The drive shuts down to keep damage from occurring. With no drive, the motion control system as a whole shuts down and it’s goodbye to the printing press or conveyor belt or packaging machine that keeps your facility in business.

Where does the undervoltage error come from? It could just be a break in the flow of power to the drive. If you lose power or have dirty electricity, disturbances in the power supply can cause this fault code to appear. A failure in a cable can do this, too, so consider replacing one of those cables you followed.

If power was shut off without first switching off the drive enable signal, you’ll see the same fault code when you power back up.

If you haven’t seen this error code yet and don’t want to, remember that.

To fix the problem, clear the error code, make sure you have a reliable source of power, and power back up.

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