Rexroth Error Code F229

If you see error message F229 on your Rexroth Indramat drive, you’ve encountered a quadrant error.

Don’t worry about the quadrants. This is a hardware error. But you can’t tell just from this message which piece of hardware is causing the problem.

You could have a defective encoder cable. This is a common problem, since cables often get a good deal of wear and tear. They may be tripped over, shoved around, or have heavy objects pushed over them. You can even have electromagnetic interference on the cable.

The solution is simply to replace the cable. Separate the encoder cable from the power cables to avoid interference. It makes sense to keep extra cables on hand so that this can be a quick fix.

You could also have a defective encoder interface. Replace it if this is the problem.

Finally, you might have a defective drive. Again, the solution is to replace the drive.

Finding replacements

Rexroth makes the best electric drive and control systems around. If your faulty drive is a current Rexroth Indradrive unit you can buy a new one. If you have a legacy drive, however, you won’t be able to buy a new item. You may be able to find someone claiming they have a “new” Ecodrive or DKC drive on eBay or Amazon, but this won’t be true.

Fortunately, Rexroth continues to support their legacy drives, including the Indramat brand drives made in the 20th century. Factory repair or reman of any Rexroth Indramat model brings you a like-new drive with a warranty.

Reman involves replacing all wearing parts with parts from the original manufacturer. Since Rexroth doesn’t sell parts to third-party shops, a local repair will not involve new parts, any more than an eBay sale will give you a new component.

No time to wait for repairs? We have emergency replacement units on hand. These remanufactured units come direct from the factory, with a warranty. Call us first and avoid costly downtime.

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