Rexroth Error Codes and Safety


Risk of burns by hot housing surfaces!
Risk of injury by improper handling! Injury by crushing, shearing, cutting, hitting!
Risk of injury by improper handling of batteries!
Risk of injury by improper handling of pressurized lines!

It sounds a little like someone did a really bad job on an old horror movie poster. Maybe not as bad as “Aliens have arrived!… Watch your heads close!” Is it a matter of watching while your heads close, after they opened for some reason? Or is it advice to watch your heads closely because… well, the aliens might snatch them off if you’re not watching? Is it even possible to watch your own head, except in the sense of “Watch your head as you go under those pipes”?

“Crushing, shearing, cutting, hitting!” sounds like something that ought to make you watch your head, for sure.

It’s actually part of the Rexroth manual for IndraControl. While Rexroth is very serious about safety, you can’t escape the fact that industrial machinery can be dangerous. Rexroth’s manual is pointing out that there are plenty of dangerous options when you’re dealing with big machines.

And those dangers can come from something as seemingly simple as your cable connections.

Rexroth electric motion control is designed to make it easy to change out defective components. The modular nature of the system allows you to pull out a faulty drive or control and plug in a replacement. This means you don’t waste precious time trying to troubleshoot on the machine. Rexroth electric motion control components aren’t designed to be fixed in the field. They require factory repair.

But sometimes they’ve just been configured wrong. The IndraControl manual reminds us that a system that has been set up wrong may behave erratically at the start, but it can also operate for a while as you expect  it to, and then start making dangerous movements. When you see an error message, check the error code and you may find that you need to check your cables or connections or parameters, rather than replacing the unit.

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