Rexroth Error E2077

When you see E2077 sent as an error message by your Rexroth drive, you’re looking at a communication failure. Basically, your drive can’t read the encoder signal. There are a number of possible reasons for this.

Check the simplest possibilities first. Is the motor encoder cable correctly connected to the same drive as the power cable? Are both the power cable and the drive properly grounded. Are the shield connections of the power cable correctly grounded?

You might be amazed by how often something that looks like a drive problem is actually a cable problem.

Bigger problems

After addressing these simple issues, the next step is to determine whether the problem lies with the motor, drive, or cable. If you have multiple drives available, it is best to test the drive first.

Switch the cable from one drive to another. If the error persists with the drive, then the drive is most likely the source of the problem.

If the error shifts to the new drive, it means the motor or cable is defective.

The same process can be repeated with the motor if another motor is accessible with the encoder cable. This helps you pinpoint whether the cable or motor is faulty. However, it is likely that one of the three components (i.e., cable, motor, or drive) is defective.

Be systematic

When troubleshooting issues with the drive’s ability to read the encoder signal, it is essential to follow a systematic approach. This means starting with the simple things and working your way up. By checking the basics first, you can identify and resolve any fundamental issues. This will save time and effort when dealing with more complex problems.

You can also avoid problems by contacting us as soon as you receive the error message. We can walk you through the troubleshooting, and if you need a new drive, motor, or cable, we can supply it for you.

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