Rexroth Error F8069

When your Rexroth electric industrial motion control devices have a problem, they will show you an error code. Typically these codes begin with “E” or “F” and the letter is followed by four digits.

Error F8069 shows that there is an error in the internal +/‑15 Volt supply. You’ll see this error with IndraDrive units. These are fairly recent electric drive units. The name “IndraDrive” is a nod to Indramat, the electric motion control company Rexroth acquired to provide electric industrial motion control options.

Rexroth offers two possible solutions to the problem. When using Rexroth troubleshooting guides, you should always take the suggestions in order. The first solution offered is the most likely solution. The problem described first is the most common problem, and usually also the simplest to check and fix.

For error code F8069, the most likely option is that there’s an error in the external DC24 V power supply. So your first step should be to check all the connections. You may have a loose screw, a faulty cable, or a weak connection. Go ahead and check all the connections while you’re at it. This can help you avoid further problems in the future.

Once you’re satisfied that all your connections are sound, move on to the second possibility: the power section is defective, and you need to replace the power supply.

This can mean replacing the drive entirely.

Do you need a new IndraDrive unit?

You may not need a new IndraDrive unit. You might be able to replace the power section or power supply.

Rexroth also continues to support IndraDrive components, including legacy and current units. Factory repair or reman will bring your unit back to you in like-new condition, with a new warranty.

Call us for immediate assistance. We can often diagnose the problem over the phone. We can provide new cables if that’s what you need, or 24 hour turnaround on factory repairs. We also have the largest selection of emergency replacement units in the country. Charter planes are on hand so we can fly a unit to you fast.

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