What’s IndraDrive?

We often get calls from clients who have never paid any attention to the electric motion control at their workplace until a problem arose. Since we specialize in Rexroth electric industrial motion control, it can be decades between when a unit is installed and when someone calls us needing help.

Rexroth motion control is that good.

So it may be that you’ve tracked down a faulty unit and you’ve seen on it the mystic words “Rexroth IndraDrive.” It might be the IndraDrive Cs, which you can see in action in the video above, or it could be the IndraDrive M, or the ML series — there are quite a few variations. All of the IndraDrive units are current, not legacy, Rexroth electric industrial motion control units.

Why are they called IndraDrive? Rexroth’s electric motion control division grew out of a partnership between Rexroth and a German company called “Gesellschaft zur Industrialisierung-Rationalisierung und Automatisierung.” In English, that’s the Association for Industrialization, Rationalization, and Automation. Three cool things to work toward. Take the beginnings of those three high-flown goals and you get Indra.

The use of “Indra” in IndraDrive honors the history of the company.

But the IndraDrive units have some special characteristics that set them apart from the legacy Rexroth motion control products of the 20th century. Safer systems, cabinet-free units, and compact motion logic systems boast the newest technology. The same modular systems the company was founded on continue to make these controls particularly flexible and cost-effective. The new innovations suit them to the new demands on today’s manufacturers: more processes in smaller spaces, with greater safety and energy savings.

IndraDrive also uses more familiar technology so the learning curve or human workers is not as steep.

We have enormous respect for Rexroth’s legacy systems, and we will be able to help you if your Rexroth electric motions control dates from before most of your engineers were born. But IndraDrive is defnitely up to the Resroth standard, and we’re happy to help with these units, too.

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